Tickled Pink is the harmonious union of Todd Brozman and Peter Mann. Their first unwitting musical collaboration occurred in a high school jazz band in suburban Kansas. Now, with a little more experience and not much more maturity, they've made it to the Internet. Peter pens the words and lends his voice, Todd makes the melodies and puts them to tape. They are, ahem, tickled pink to be presenting this diverse medley of songs as their duo's debut - New Standards. Please enjoy.

Special thanks to our friends:
Clint "Daddy" Brewer: daddy bass, "Smells Like a Lady"
Josh née "Bearsuit" Sommovilla: pedal steel, "South of the Suburbs"
Raffaele "Raffi" Vesco: director, music video, "My Coffee's Gone Cold"
New Standards was recorded and produced by Todd Brozman, Village Green Studios, NY, NY

Comments? Inquiries? Please write to us at: tickledpinktheband@gmail.com